MTN TV Go: Changing your TV experience!

Posted on: April 19, 2017


In just a few days since the launch of MTN TV, the public’s response surpassed the company’s initial plans and has established its service as the new choice for television… not only at home but also outside of the home!

MTN once again makes a difference with the introduction of MTN TV, which, in addition to its rich content, offers unique interactive services that change the way its subscribers watch television, offering a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

The first technological innovation frees the viewer from the need to be at home to see their favourite film or series! TV Go allows MTN subscribers to enjoy content from selected local and international channels outside the home as well, from a tablet or smartphone, by downloading, absolutely free, the application available for iOS and Android.

The second technological innovation is the Multiview capability through which two people (at home or outside) can watch different programmes at the same time (for example, one can watch on the TV while the other watches on a tablet).

The technological capabilities that MTN TV provides are changing the landscape even further as, besides TV Go, subscribers will also have other choices at their disposal, such as the Record feature with which they can record their favourite programmes to view later, wherever they may be.

In addition, if a subscriber forgets to set the recording of their favourite series, there is the Replay feature with which they can go back up to 7 days in the channel’s programming.

At the same time, if they do not catch the start of their favourite film or show, they can simply go back to the beginning.

MTN continues to give even more – now also in the domain of TV to offer a new, exciting entertainment experience to its subscribers.