MTN Scheduled SMS

Send an SMS now and set the delivery date and time for whenever you want!

MTN Scheduled SMS service enables all MTN subscribers to schedule the delivery date and time of SMS sent to any local mobile telephony numbers, within Cyprus.  



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    How does the service work? Example

    Simply follow these steps:

    1. Add the prefix 123 before the telephone number you wish to send the SMS to
    2. Set the date and time you wish to have the SMS delivered to the recipient, leave a space and then write your text message.

    Important: The date and time should be in the form: DDMMHHMM (DD:Day, MM:Month, HH: Hour(24h format), MM:Minute)

    If you wish to send an SMS saying 'Hello' to 9XXXXXXX on the 20th of December at 09:30 in the morning, then send:

    To: 1239XXXXXXX

    Message: 20120930 Hello!



    How much does the service cost?

    The SMS sent through the MTN Scheduled SMS service will be charged as follows:

    • MTN PayMonthly subscribers: €0.04/SMS (including VAT). Note: The SMS sent using the MTN Scheduled SMS services are not subtracted from your MTN PayMonthly inclusive SMS bundle. They are considered as additional SMS and are charged with the above mentioned rate.
    • Prepaid Telephony subscribers (MTN PayAsYouGo, APOEL FC Mobile): €0.04/SMS (inc VAT)





    How can I cancel the delivery of a Scheduled SMS?

    After completing the procedure of sending a scheduled message, you will then receive an SMS confirming that your message will be sent on the requested date and time. If you wish to cancel the scheduled SMS, simply reply to the SMS you will receive with the word CANCEL, leave space and then type the cancellation number you will find in the automated SMS. Your message will immediately be canceled and you will receive an SMS confirming your cancellation. The cancellation procedure can be done at any stage prior to the delivery date and time. Confirmation of the delivery of the scheduled SMS to the recipient When your message is delivered to the mobile telephony number you have specified in your request, you will receive an SMS informing you accordingly.



Terms & Conditions
  1. The MTN Scheduled SMS service is available to all MTN subscribers.
  2. By subscribing to the MTN Scheduled SMS Service, the Subscribers agree to be bound by the present Terms and Conditions.
  3. MTN shall not be held liable in any way where this service is used in an inappropriate manner. MTN reserves the right to terminate the subscription to this service, if it believes that the service is being used improperly.
  4. MTN reserves the right to refer any inappropriate or unlawful activity(ies) to the relevant law enforcement agencies for action without reference to you.
  5. The subscription fee for this service is for free.
  6. All MTN PayMonthly subscribers will be charged an out of bundle rate of €0.0400 including VAT for any SMS sent using this service.
  7. All MTN Prepaid subscribers will be charged an out of bundle rate of €0.0400 including VAT for any SMS sent using this service.
  8. For MTN PAYG subscribers, you will only be entitled to use the Service if you have enough balance remaining in your account.
  9. For MTN Postpaid subscriber, you will only be entitled to use the Service if you are in an active status.
  10. MTN may suspend the Service or any part thereof without giving the subscriber prior notice if MTN has good reason to believe that the subscriber has not complied with one or more of the terms herein.
  11. The Subscriber also confirm that he/she shall not use the Service for any criminal or immoral or illegal purposes and shall be solely responsible for any consequences arising from such criminal or immoral or illegal use of the Service or of the MTN network.
  12. MTN may at any time and without any reason suspend the services, in whole or in part, on giving notice to the subscriber and without incurring any liability whatsoever.
  13. SMS to premium numbers, emergency numbers and tool free numbers are not allowed.
  14. This service may not be used to send SMS to an international destination.