Loyalty Scheme ΜΤΝ Rewards

MTN Rewards, is a simple and easy loyalty scheme through which you can collect loyalty points just by using your MTN MOBILE TELEPHONY, MTN PayMonthly or MTN Up2U line. All you need to do is keep enjoying MTN’s services and collect points which you can redeem in any way you like!


What are the loyalty points and how do I collect them?
The loyalty points you collect are based on your MTN MOBILE TELEPHONY, MTN PayMonthly or MTN Up2U invoice. The points collected are based on the total amount of your invoice. For every €1 of your monthly invoice, you collect 1 point. For example, if your invoice balance is €30, then the points earned for that month will also be 30 points!

When and how can I redeem my points?
You can start redeeming your points when you reach 1000 or more. How you will redeem them depends on your individual needs. According to the points collected, you can:

  • Get a new handset, laptop, digital camera, gaming console or any other product available at MTN or at selected associates' shops.
  • Pay your monthly invoice
  • Add talk minutes or SMS to your plan

What is the redeeming value of my points?
The Redeeming value of your MTN Rewards points is as follows:


Will I ever lose my loyalty points?
In the event of a bar–out or suspension of your line, your line will become inactive and you will be excluded from any bonus points that may be given during this period. Once you settle your outstanding balance, your loyalty account will be reactivated. However, in case of two suspensions of your line, your loyalty points will be lost.

Do my loyalty points have expiry date?
The loyalty points expire 2 years after the date they were collected.

How can I join the MTN Rewards Loyalty scheme?
You can join the MTN Rewards loyalty scheme, with 2 simple ways:

  • By calling the MTN Call Center at 136
  • By visiting any MTN or selected distributors’ shop

All MTN MOBILE TELEPHONY, MTN PayMonthly or MTN Up2U subscribers are eligible to join the MTN Rewards Loyalty scheme, as long as they don’t have any outstanding payments.

How can I check my point balance?
Your point balance will be stated on your monthly invoice.
You can find out at any time what your point balance is and by:

  • Calling the MTN Call Center at 136.
  • Sending a blank SMS to 1144 (€0.0207 including VAT)
  • Logging in to MyBill

For more information, terms & conditions, you can also contact MTN’s Call Center at 136.

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