Mobile Internet Plans

Mobile internet access is no longer a luxury but a daily need. Naturally, the need for internet access varies for every individual and MTN is well aware of that. It has therefore created a wide range of service options, ideal to cover every individual need for internet access.

To find out which is the most suitable service for your mobile internet access needs, all you need to do is have a look at the below tables and choose the MTN Internet Everywhere or MTN Mobile Internet plan that suits your needs best. 

Activate the service at any MTN Store or by calling the MTN Call Center at 136 and you will be ready to surf the internet from your mobile wherever you are, with high speeds provided by the MTN 3G+ and MTN 4G network.


MTN Internet Everywhere plans

 Inclusive Data volumeData sharing Monthly feeCharge for additional use
MTN Internet Everywhere 11GB€16.00€0.0305/MB
MTN Internet Everywhere 22GB€23.00€0.0305/MB
MTN Internet Everywhere 35GB€39.99€0.0179/MB
MTN Internet Everywhere 420GB€55.99€0.0179/MB

The MTN Internet Everywhere plans you can also share your data volume with all your devices for FREE, with a Multi SIM.


MTN Mobile Internet plans

MTN Mobile Internet PlanMonthly FeeCharge For Additional use
MTN Mobile Internet 20MB€2.52€0.4068/MB
MTN Mobile Internet 150MB€5.05€0.0454/MB
MTN Mobile Internet 250MB€8.12€0.0426/MB
MTN Mobile Internet 500MB€12.71€0.0366/MB


Occasional Data Usage Charges

Occasional data usage is charged according to the table below and will be valid for all MTN PayMonthly and MTN Up2U subscribers, whose mobile internet service is not activated.

Daily Traffic Volume

Daily Charge

0 - 20KB

€ 0

20KB - 10MB

€ 0.69

10MB - 30MB

€ 1.12

per 30MB over the initial 30MB

€ 1.12


Terms & Conditions - MTN Mobile Internet plans

1. All charges are inclusive of VAT.
2. The Mobile Internet services are available to all MTN mobile telephony, MTN PayMonthly subscribers (MTN 140, 350, 600, 900 και 1600) and Up2U
3. The Service is inclusive of the data volume offered with each plan and its use is possible only in Cyprus under MTN’s network. The use of the Service abroad is subject to roaming charges applicable at each country.
4. The remaining data volume at the end of the month cannot be transferred to the next month
5. To activate the data service subscribers must visit an MTN Store or call 136
6. In order to use the Service you must have a data enabled handset
7. Internet access speeds depend both on the network capacity at the area where the user is located, as well as on the device used
8. Data sessions are charged at 2KB steps except of MTN Mobile Internet 5GB and 25 GB in which the step are per 1MB

Terms & Conditions - Occasional Data Usage
  1. The Daily Data Plan is valid as of 19th June 2014 and applies for all MTN PayMonthly, MTN Business PayMonthly and MTN Up2U subscribers, whose MTN Mobile Internet service is not activated.
  2. The Daily Data Plan is the method of charging the occasional internet usage on a daily basis, and does not apply to subscribers of the MTN Mobile Internet service. 
  3. The charging for the Daily Data plan is per day, but the subscriber will receive the charged amount on his/hers monthly invoice at the end of each month.
  4. Daily charge refers to data traffic during the period of 00:00 to 23:59.
  5. The maximum usage limit within a day is 1GB. After reaching 1GB usage, the internet connection will be disconnected.
  6. Subscribers will receive an sms notification each time the charged amount reaches €15 within a calendar month, however the internet connection will not be disconnected.
Terms & Conditions - MTN Internet Everywhere plans
  1. The Internet Everywhere Plans are available to all MTN PayMonthly subscribers (MTN 140, 350, 600, 900 and 1600, MTN MOBILE TELEPHONY S, M and Unlimited) and Up2U (the “MTN Subscribers”).
  2. The Internet Everywhere Plans are inclusive of the data volume offered with each plan and its use is possible only in Cyprus under MTN’s network. The use of the Service abroad is subject to roaming charges applicable at each country.
  3. The MTN Multi SIM service is offered for free (Connection fee and monthly fees). The Terms and Conditions of the Multisim service applies supplementary. Click here to view.
  4. The terms and conditions of the Mobile Internet Service apply supplementary.