MTN Missed Call Alert

Activate the MTN Missed Call Alert service and you will not to miss a call again! The service is available to all MTN PayMonthly & Up2U and MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers.

Activate the MTN Missed Call Alert service now and will start receiving FREE SMS for calls made to your line when:

  • Your line is not reachable.
    • handset is switched off or
    • your line is out of coverage


Once you activate your phone, or just reconnect to the network, you will receive an SMS which will inform about the phone numbers that tried to reach you, the number of attempts and the time and date of the most recent call.

The messages are valid for 2 days from the date of the missed call.

To activate the service, send "MCA ON EN'' (for English) or "MCA ON GR "(for Greek) via SMS to 8020.
The service will be activated within the next half hour and you will receive an SMS confirming the activation.

To change the language
, send "CHANGE GR" (from English to Greek) or "CHANGE EN" (from Greek to English) via SMS to 8020.

To deactivate the service
, send "MCA OFF" via SMS to 8020.

Note: The service can also be activated or deactivated at any MTN Store or by contacting the MTN Call Center at 136.


Terms & Conditions
  • If the call received is made by an international number, there is no guarantee that the number shown in the message will be correct, as this is dependent on information provided by the foreign provider
  • Withheld numbers will NOT be shown. You will receive an SMS indicating that the missed call was made from an "unknown number"
  • Subscribers may not receive Missed Call Alert when abroad. However, if the subscriber has a missed call from abroad, then he will receive the Missed Call Alert
  • For multiple missed calls from the same number, you will receive a summary SMS
  • The SMS originator for the Missed Call Alert Service is 'MTN'
  • Each SMS will show the caller ID with the international prefix (eg: +3579 XXXXX, +3572XXXXX)