MTN Me2U service enables MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers to transfer airtime to other MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers.

How does the service work?
It is very simple. Just dial *200*96ΧΧΧΧΧΧ*Amount*0# and press CALL using your MTN PayAsYouGo line.

96ΧΧΧΧΧΧ = the number you wish to transfer airtime to.

Amount = the amount you wish to transfer (without the symbol €). The amount options are: €1, €2, €3, €4, €5, €6, €7, €8, €9 and €10.

Example: If you want to transfer five euro then dial *200*96ΧΧΧΧΧΧ*5*0#  CALL or *200*96ΧΧΧΧΧΧ*05*0# CALL
Important Note: To be able to transfer airtime to another MTN PayAsYouGo subscriber, you must have at least €1 credited in your account.

To confirm or cancel the transfer
When you complete the transferring procedure, you will receive a text message confirming the transfer and you will be asked to follow these steps:

  1. Select OK
  2. Verify the transfer by pressing 1 or cancel the transfer by pressing 2
    • If you select 2, the transaction will be canceled and you will receive a message that confirms the cancellation.
    • If you select 1 you will receive a message that will verify that the amount has been transferred successfully or if the transfer failed.
  3. The sender will receive SMS with the available balance and the amount transferred and if the amount transferred successfully, the recipient will receive SMS with the new account balance.

The transfer may fail for the following reasons:

  • If the subscriber tries to transfer an amount greater than €10
  • If the subscriber tries to transfer an amount that is greater than his account balance
  • If the subscriber uses a code other than "0"
  • If the subscriber tries to transfer airtime to a number that is not active.

The service is available for FREE.


Terms & Conditions
  • The MTN Me2U service is only available to MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers
  • In order to be able to use the service, MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers should have at least €1 in their account
  • Subscribers who transfer or receive airtime must be active subscribers
  • Inactive or deactivated subscribers are not able to transfer or receive airtime
  • Subscribers can not transfer airtime corresponding to an amount greater than their account balance
  • New subscribers MTN PayAsYouGo will be able to transfer their inclusive airtime
  • MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers can transfer airtime corresponding only to the following values: €1, €2, €3, €4, €5, €6, €7, €8, €9 and €10
  • Subscribers cannot transfer airtime of decimal value, i.e. € 0.50
  • By transferring credit to someone else’s account does not extend their validity period (The message they will receive is the original validity prior to the transaction)
  • The Service is available under the MTN network
  • The Service is also available under international roaming. In this case the operation of the service depends on the roaming provider as MTN will not have full control of the service. i.e. An MTN PayAsYouGo subscriber who is roaming abroad, is able receive airtime by another MTN PayAsYouGo subscriber who is in Cyprus, as well as subscriber who is abroad can transfer airtime to a subscribers who is located in Cyprus. Even when both subscribers are abroad, they can still transfer airtime to each other, if allowed by the roaming provider
  • Subscribers can transfer airtime multiple times each day. There is no limit to transferring times and this also applies to subscribers who receive airtime.