Reforestation of Solea by MTN employees

Posted on: February 6, 2017

On the 27th of January, volunteers by MTN staff visited the area of Solea that was adversely affected by the disastrous fires of last summer, and participated with enthusiasm in the reforestation of the plot 16, in cooperation with the services in charge.  

This effort is in fact the practical contribution by MTN to the rehabilitation and conservation of our country’s natural wealth, which re-enforces the contribution of 10,000 euros that the company offered for the reforestation of the affected area. We remind you that this effort started out with the game «Oh Yellow Trees!», which MTN created on its Facebook page during the Christmas period, through which the company had pledged to offer 1 euro for each participation to the game. The game successfully gathered 10.000 entries bringing the amount donated by MTN for the reforestation of the Solea’s area to 10,000 euros. 

This volunteer action by MTN employees proves once more that for an organization such as MTN, its human resource is its driving force. MTN, with its continuous volunteering initiatives, constitutes an excellent role model of an active corporate citizen.