Now all MTN subscribers can enjoy the super-fast speeds of the MTN 4G network

Posted on: September 9, 2015

MTN upgrades the online experience of all MTN subscribers, by offering free access to its highly advanced MTN 4G network. With the super-fast data speeds of the MTN 4G network, MTN subscribers can now upload and download large files within seconds, watch TV in high definition, achieve the highest scores in online multiplayer games and many more.

The advantages of  the MTN 4G network are immediately available to all MTN PayAsYouGo prepaid subscribers as well as to al MTN post paid subscribers to contract plans such as the MTN 4G Smart mobile telephony plans and the MTN Internet Everywhere mobile internet plans.

MTN has made sure that the access to the advanced 4G technology is easily accessible to all subscribers, without the need of any plan updates or additional financial charges to their monthly fees. The only prerequisite in order to enjoy MTN 4G experience on their smartphone, tablet or laptop, is to have a 4G enabled device. For more information regarding the activation of the 4G settings on their device, MTN subscribers can visit

MTN always gives you more: Innovates and paves the way for the new digital era in Cyprus, with access to the superfast MTN 4G network.