Now all MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers enjoy Free Nights. They talk for FREE all night long!

Posted on: August 9, 2013

Nights will never be the same for MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers! MTN is giving them Free Nights so they can talk for free all night long with their MTN friends.

With MTN Free Nights, the new, amazing MTN offer, MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers will talk for free from 10:00 at night until 7:00 in the morning with all their MTN friends. All they need to do in order to benefit from the MTN Free Nights, is to complete a total of 5 minutes of talk time using their MTN PayAsYouGo line, on calls to other MTN subscribers during the day.

The offer applies to all existing and new MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers.

Find out how close you are to MTN Free Nights
MTN gives its subscribers the opportunity to know at any given time how many minutes they have completed and how close to Free Nights they are. By sending “info” to 8010 via SMS (free from an ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo line) subscribers can find out exactly how many minutes they have used and how many additional minutes they need to use in order to reach the 5 minutes and benefit from the MTN Free Nights offer.

MTN always gives you more at nights as well: With MTN PayAsYouGo you talk all night long for FREE!