New MTN Store at Nicosia Mall

Posted on: November 23, 2018

MTN expands its store network by the opening of a new store at Nicosia Mall, the new shopping center located in the capital of Cyprus. The brand new MTN Store has already opened its gates, promising to offer its visitors the absolute digital and tech-nological experience. 

The store’s look is based on a modern designing model which has already been im-plemented to other company stores as well. The philosophy behind this model re-quires the creation of modern and comfortable spaces with “live devices” and digital presentation of each product’s specifications. Thus, everyone visiting the technologi-cal advanced MTN store is able to test and compare devices and then select from a broad range of products and services provided by MTN. 

The modern and technological advanced environment of the new MTN Store in combination with the high-quality customer service provided by the skilled MTN staff, offer visitors the best possible shopping experience. 

MTN now owns 18 stores across Cyprus, satisfying the needs of today’s demanding consumers.