Network cooperation between ΜΤΝ and PrimeTel

Posted on: January 29, 2013

A network cooperation between MTN and PrimeTel which signals the beginning of a new era in Cypriot Telecommunications was announced today, January 29, in a joint press conference by the two companies.

During the press conference, Pieter Verkade, CEO of MTN and Hermes Stephanou, CEO of PrimeTel specified the content of the collaboration: PrimeTel will use MTN’s mobile network for its mobile services offering to its subscribers, while MTN will use PrimeTel’s high performance international network.

As a result, the two telecoms’ subscribers will enjoy value added high quality services:
• PrimeTel’s subscribers can now utilize the most modern mobile network in Cyprus. Implementing a 20 million euro investment, MTN recently upgraded its entire telecommunications network to offer what reliability, speed and excellent coverage throughout the island. At the same time, PrimeTel’s subscribers can use the sophisticated data technology MTNHSPA+ which provides high speeds up to 21,6 Mbps with uninterrupted internet connectivity.
• MTN’s subscribers can use can use PrimeTel’s advanced international network which provides enhanced quality in broadband services and higher internet speeds.

In his remarks, MTN’s CEO, Mr. Verkade commented: “In early 2012 we have asked for equal opportunities and fair competition and promised to change the landscape of telecommunications. We noted that the first beneficiary will, eventually, be the consumer. Today, we keep this promise. MTN is getting another vote of confidence from the market because it is always offering more. PrimeTel – MTN deal proves that modern companies can function in an efficient and competitive way without compromising quality”.

PrimeTel’s CEO, Mr. Stephanou, stated about the collaboration: “By entering the market as a mobile provider, PrimeTel has embarked upon a relentless journey to offer a complete package of Telecommunication services to its subscribers. Having also access to MTN’s leading mobile network, PrimeTel today can offer the most innovative telecommunication packages in the market at competitive prices”.

The collaboration between the two companies starts immediately.