MTN Smartphone Anytime. For a new smartphone, anytime and as often as you want, before the expiration of your contract

Posted on: June 16, 2015


With the new, innovative MTN Smartphone Anytime service, MTN offers greater flexibility and even more options to its subscribers, responding to their contemporary needs in the best possible way. Now, both new and existing MTN Smart plans’ subscribers can get more than one new smartphone before the expiration of their contract, without paying a cent upfront, by setting the monthly instalments of their preference.

With MTN Smartphone Anytime service, subscribers can have a new smartphone, anytime and as often they wish, by setting 6-24 monthly instalments based on their capabilities.

To get a new smartphone, MTN Smart plans’ subscribers need to repay their previous smartphone, whereas the new monthly instalments period they will choose, should not exceed their remaining 24month contract period.

Moreover, those who choose to transfer their number to an MTN Smart plan until 31/8 will get a discount up to 50% on their monthly fee, in addition to the benefits of MTN Smartphone Anytime service.

MTN always gives you more: now more smartphones without paying a cent upfront and with the monthly instalments that you will choose!

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