MTN presents akazoo: unlimited music, anytime and anywhere you want it!

Posted on: November 14, 2014

Akazoo music service includes more than 20 million songs and it is available in Cyprus for the first time, exclusively for MTN subscribers.

In a spectacular event that took place today, MTN announced the launch of the popular digital music service akazoo for smartphone, tablet and PC, which will be exclusively available to MTN subscribers.

As of today, MTN subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite music, choosing from a huge library that includes 20 million Greek and international songs everywhere they go.

MTN subscribers may download and store songs, playlists and albums of their favorite artists, whether they are connected to 3G/WiFi networks or offline.

Akazoo premium is available to MTN subscribers for 2 whole months for free, giving them the opportunity to enjoy unlimited music with free streaming.

Users can download akazoo app on their devices, so as to fully manage their accounts.

During the service’s presentation, MTN CEO, Mr. Philip van Dalsen, said among others: “We are proud to introduce akazoo, the first music streaming service in Cyprus! At the same time, we open up Cyprus into a world of unlimited music streaming, through a service that enables users to listen to any kind of music, anytime they want it from their smartphone, tablet and PC. At MTN we maintain the high innovation standards that we have long established and we are committed to always offering more. By expanding our activities, as well as investing in new technologies, we continue paving the way in the market, as part of our strategy to become a provider of integrated digital telecommunication services”.

Akazoo: A “music" social network by MTN

Akazoo by MTN gives all music lovers in Cyprus the opportunity to register, create a profile and gain legitimate access to a huge music library of Greek and international ad-free songs of excellent audio quality (up to 320 kbps). Users can create their own playlists or enjoy the lists of other akazoo users, follow their favorite bands, artists and critics, discover new sounds and share their favorite tracks on Facebook.

Today, akazoo counts 10 million subscribers in 12 countries around the world.  

MTN always gives you more and innovates once again, offering unlimited music, anytime and anywhere you want it!