MTN organized a campaign to inform scouts about safe online surfing and cyber-bullying

Posted on: October 2, 2014


MTN, in cooperation with Cyprus Police and CyberEthics NGO, organized a series of educational seminars for scouts, regarding the safe use of internet and cyber-bullying.

During summer, more than 800 children (7-11 years old) attended the Cyprus Scouts Association camping site at Platania, where MTN volunteers and a team of experts used educational presentations and games to inform children about potential online dangers, such as cyber-bullying and harassment, while giving them useful tips on how to protect themselves.

Mr. Philip Van Dalsen, MTN’s CEO stated “Proper education can prevent all potential dangers, like cyber-bulling and online harassment, which threaten vulnerable groups and especially children. Being a telecommunication company, we do not only provide services compatible to the digital era, but we also consider it our responsibility to educate citizens and primarily young children, so that they can enjoy these services with safety”.

By supporting a campaign to inform scouts on safer internet, MTN responds to a contemporary social issue and at the same time offers citizens all the necessary provisions for the new digital era.