MTN. Never stops upgrading and offers double mobile internet speeds as well as the widest 4G network in Cyprus

Posted on: June 6, 2018

 MTN's commitment to its vision for the smooth integration of every Cypriot citizen to the digital era has led to continuous investments in its services and infrastructure. Since 2017, MTN offers the network with the widest 4G coverage in Cyprus. With a 93% population coverage, even the most remote villages are now connected so that everyone can enjoy the digital era services and privileges. At the same time, due to MTN’s advanced network, Cyprus is now part of the European elite when it comes to 4G services.

In addition, during the first months of 2018 MTN doubled its mobile internet speeds by increasing its network capacity by 100%, significantly improving the daily life of its subscribers who can now do even more with their device: the use of apps becomes easier and more efficient, response time is almost null, while uploading and downloading are faster than ever.

"At MTN, we honor our customers’ trust by constantly taking steps forward” states MTN’s CEO Philip Van Dalsen and continues “We are modernizing our network to improve the customer experience on a daily basis.  Today, we have the widest 4G coverage in Cyprus with double speeds, which means that our subscribers enjoy the most reliable and fast network, wherever they are.  

Today, MTN plays a key role in the country's development and infrastructure upgrade. We continue to evolve and raise our quality performance indicators even higher to make your life even better. We never stop listening to your needs and concerns so that we can improve your experience, day by day.”

MTN always gives you more: the network with the widest 4G coverage in Cyprus and double mobile internet speeds.