MTN leads the way to a new era of communications with its unimaginable fast MTN 4G network!

Posted on: March 11, 2015

Once more MTN changes our everyday reality by officially launching the ΜΤΝ 4G network, the latest in mobile telephony networks, with inconceivably fast Internet speeds! In an official event yesterday, March10th, MTN CEO, Philip Van Dalsen, officially announced the integration of Cyprus in the 4G-network era and the relevant advertising campaign of the company.

MTN integrates Cyprus in the 4G!
The ΜΤΝ 4G network breaks the speed limits and changes the internet experience in the country, offering unique communications quality to everyone. With this upgrade, MTN introduces impressive speeds and a cutting-edge browsing experience. The ΜΤΝ 4G network offers users the possibility to transfer data at incredible speed. Downloading and uploading large quantities of data happens within just a few seconds! Furthermore, the speed of the ΜΤΝ4G mobile network constitute an alternative solution to traditional fixed networks for internet access, offering flexibility at a competitive price.

Constantly expanding coverage
The MTN 4G network is already available in all city centres of Cyprus and it is constantly expanding to offer a population coverage 60% by the end of next month. The 4G technology has been measured to reach speeds 70Mbps download and 25Mbps upload, many times more than the currently available speeds in Cyprus today.

The launch and the impressive campaign
With a spectacular party, star guesting the only Cypriot Formula  driver Eftychios Ellinas, who will also lead the impressive MTN advertising campaign, Mr. Philip Van Dalsen, ΜΤΝ CEO, introduced the 4G network and the campaign as follows: “Starting from today, your communication experience will dramatically change and it will resemble nothing you've ever experienced before. Cyprus is accelerating and has now joined the ranks of countries that operate with an advanced mobile network. Our innovative MTN 4G network will bring you unimaginable high speeds on your smartphone, tablet and laptop, whether on the move or in your home or office!
MTN 4G will bring you a new way of working and a new way of social interaction online.  The 4G speed will enable you to use new features, applications and services that will make your life easier. Τhe latest 4G technology will also have tremendous positive effects on our economy: It will give competitive advantage to Cypriot businesses and enhance the country's international position as a services hub.”

Years of preparations and investments
Reaching this stage is the result of a huge amount of systematic, methodical work by MTN, with constant upgrades on all levels. All international standards for the development of the wireless broadband services have been adhered to. The fiber backbone network has been expanded so that all base stations are interconnected to sufficient capacities. In this way, MTN has progressed through 3G to the advanced 3G+ networks without delay, reaching today’s introduction of the 4G networks.
At the same time, MTN invested heavily in upgrading its access to the big international internet nodes to ensure fast and seamless internet connectivity.
These investments will continue with the aim of offering everyone high quality, fast wireless internet services and benefit from the access to the new digital world which is upon us.

ΜΤΝ 4G for business: make more… inconceivably fast!
With 4G, ΜΤΝ Business offers to its business clients the opportunity to have immediate access to mail, corporate data and applications, either from mobile, tablet, or computer at inconceivably high speeds and network response; thus increasing their productivity and efficiency  while retaining flexibility in communicating with their partners on the go.

Find the new 4G enabled plans and advanced devices at the MTN stores
MTN enhanced its mobile plans so the users can enjoy the benefits of the new 4G network at no extra charge, while at the same time MTN Stores are equipped with all appropriate devices with which the consumer can experience the 4G speeds! In the 16 MTN Stores throughout Cyprus, consumers can try out the 4G speeds, check out the new generation devices and subscribe to one of the MTN 4G plans to live the 4G experience!
One more time, MTN upgrades the telecommunications reality of the island through cutting-edge technology. Today, with its investment in the highly advanced 4G network, MTN offers a new communications experience to everyone.