MTN leads the way in environmental protection by obtaining the ISO 14001 certification

Posted on: September 14, 2015

MTN is the first telecommunications company in Cyprus certified with ISO 14001 for its comprehensive environmental management system, as well as for the documented decrease of the company's impact on the environment in recent years.

The systematic effort of MTN to minimize its energy footprint was awarded with the ISO 14001 certification, after a thorough audit carried out by the internationally accredited organization of TUV Austria-Hellas, concerning environmental practices of both the company and its employees. The audit was based on the impressive performance of MTN to the following areas:

•    Reduction of electricity consumption in MTN Stores.
•    Minimization of fuel consumption by 46% compared to 2014, which resulted in saving 321 tons of carbon dioxide.
•    Reduction of water consumption at the company offices by 16% and by 41% at MTN Stores.
•    Limitation of paper consumption in offices and MTN Stores by 32%.
•    Recycling of more the 4,800 kilos of paper so far, a number that is equivalent to 115 trees.
•    Recycling 480 kilos of PMD.
•    Minimization of paper consumption by 33% by sending the invoices via e-mail instead of through post.
•    Oil and gasoline savings from streamlined use of corporate vehicles.
•    Planting of more than 400 plants and trees.
•    Replacement of paper bags that were used in MTN Stores with eco-friendly bags.

Phillip van Dalsen, CEO of MTN Cyprus, has stated: "We are proud of our performance in environmental protection, as well as the recognition by the certification body of TUV Austria-Hellas. Our effort to offer towards the community and the environment is ongoing and has successfully combined with our technology developments. I’d like to thank the MTN people for their commitment on this common goal. We will continue to serve as a model for corporate environmental consciousness in Cyprus and contribute to the wider upgrading of the country in the environmental field.”