MTN invests in green energy

Posted on: July 23, 2014

MTN achieved significant resources savings and most importantly, reduction of its environmental impact, with its initiative to install solar hybrid systems for the operation of its power stations. MTN, in the context of its broader energy restructuring plan that began in 2012, has installed 45 hybrid photovoltaic systems in total so far, 15 of which were installed within July. MTN produces electricity, by replacing electricity generators and paves the way in its industry.

In each station, 2.15 Kwh photovoltaic systems have been installed, producing an average of 10 Kwh per day via solar energy and ensuring the seamless electric power supply of the station. Photovoltaic systems save 427.500 liters of fuel annually and 9.500 liters of fuel per station. This impressive fuel saving is combined with the equally radical air pollutants’ emission reduction. MTN stations now produce 1.110.000 Kg less carbon dioxide emissions per year, while during the same period each station produces 24.665Kg less emissions of carbon dioxide.

MTN Group's strategy incorporates green energy resources and adopts contemporary practices of sustainable growth, therefore being classified as one of the Top 500 companies for 2014, according to the distinguished Newsweek Green Rankings list, is a noteworthy distinction.
Newsweek Green Rankings list is one of the most renowned evaluations of corporate environmental performance internationally, as it is formed by Newsweek magazine, Corporate Knights Capital, non-governmental organizations specialized in sustainable growth, academic institutions and independent bodies.