MTN has reached more than 90.000 fans on facebook!

Posted on: April 26, 2017

More than 90,000 friends are now "connected" with MTN on Facebook, making it by far the first company Facebook page in Cyprus in the Telecommunications/Electronics/Technology category.

MTN’s 90.000+ friends constitute a large and dynamic online community with daily active presence. By offering original and valuable content through its Facebook page, MTN has managed to build an interesting communication channel and simultaneously a strong relationship of trust with its friends.

Since 2011, MTN has organized competitions on its Facebook page, through which its lucky friends and subscribers had the chance to attend spectacular events such as the final of 'The Voice' in Athens, the concert of Lady Gaga which was also held in Athens and the MTN MadWalk. MTN has also sent lucky fans to various concerts such as the Onirama concert last summer and the concert 'Remos-Paparizou-Rouvas-Vandi-Melisses' that was held last September. Through its competitions, MTN has also sent hundreds of its friends at various famous events such as the MTN Run In Colour, the Beer Festival, the Christmas PARAMYTHOUPOLI, as well as football matches and theatrical performances. MTN has also offered many prizes (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to its fans, through Facebook competitions.

Additionally, through its Facebook page, MTN has organized and implemented activities such as the contribution of 10,000 euro towards the reforestation of the burnt forest area of Solea through the 10,000 participations of the game «Oh Yellow Trees». MTN has also educated its friends on Facebook, about safety navigation issues on the internet and cyber bullying.

MTN always gives you more: with unique ideas and valuable content, MTN will continue to surprise, inform, educate, reward and entertain its Facebook friends.