MTN Family Plan

Posted on: October 4, 2013

MTN Family Plan: 50% discount on all your family’s monthly fees and UNLIMITED calls between your family members!

MTN responds once more to the consumer’s needs during these troubled times by creating the MTN Family Plan, the most ideal and cost effective solution for the communication needs of the whole family! With the MTN Family Plan, all family members receive a 50% discount on all their monthly fees and have FREE unlimited calls between them, for 18 whole months!

Each family can create its own MTN Family Plan at any MTN Store or at selected associates, by transferring at least 2 lines to an 18month ΜΤΝ PayMonthly contract, in order to benefit from:

  • 50% discount on all mobile telephony monthly fees that belong to the MTN Family plan, for 18 whole months and
  • FREE unlimited calls between family members that belong to the MTN Family Plan!

In addition, MTN Family Plan subscribers can have:

  • 50% discount on the MTN Mobile Internet plan of their choice for 18 whole months and
  • 50% discount on the MTN Mobile Broadband plan of their choice for 24 months

The family will receive one unified monthly invoice for all the lines that belong to the Family Plan.

Just visit any MTN Store or selected associate’s store with the family members that wish to transfer their lines to MTN and create your own MTN Family Plan.

MTN always gives you more – it creates plans and services that help you reduce your family costs and not your family’s communication.