MTN Cloud Business Telephony: An integrated fixed telephony solution for businesses by MTN Business

Posted on: October 15, 2013

ΜΤΝ Business, which is dedicated in delivering competitive products and services for businesses, designed ΜΤΝ Cloud Business Telephony, an integrated fixed telephony solution for both small and big companies. The MTN Cloud Business Telephony service adjusts to each company’s needs and is available with a monthly fee, fully replacing conventional PBX telephony systems and enabling companies save the amount of money needed to buy and maintain relative equipment.

With MTN Cloud Business Telephony you can manage your telecommunication with great flexibility and effectiveness, as it unifies all corporate communication data, by combining fixed and mobile telephony, fax, e-mail and voice-mail. MTN Cloud Business Telephony maximizes your data’ s safety and helps you gain total control, since you can easily implement configurations in real time via the service’s online web portal.

MTN Cloud Business Telephony is available in four service packs (Standard, Advanced, Auto-Attendant and Receptionist), that fully respond to the telecommunication needs of the average business and radically upgrade intra-company communication, as well as communication with customers and associates.

Andreas Neocleous, Director of MTN Business, stated: «With MTN Cloud Business Telephony we offer the Cypriot businessman what he needs the most at this moment; a smart and advanced telecommunication solution that allows him to decrease operating expenses and enhance his company’s competitiveness. With this service our product portfolio is completed and MTN Business emerges as a “one stop solution” with effective solutions to every demand.»

MTN always gives you more: with another advanced service that upgrades your corporate telecommunication and at the same time, contributes to the decrease of your operational expenses.