MTN Broadband in a box

Posted on: February 18, 2014

High speed unlimited internet wherever you go, without a fixed line and with only €29.90!


MTN innovates with the new flexible service ΜΤΝ Broadband in a box.

With ΜΤΝ Broadband in a box, subscribers can enjoy unlimited internet at home, at their holiday house or anywhere else they might be, with high 3G+ speeds and on all their devises simultaneously, without a fixed telephone line!

All they have to do is to simply plug a special device into a power socket.

The ΜΤΝ Broadband in a box service is available with a monthly or 24month contract with only €29.00/month and is accompanied with a special device and a SIM card which allows easy and direct access to the Internet in just few hours after the purchase of the service.

MTN always gives you more!