MTN at Home

Posted on: March 21, 2016

MTN offers complete and reliable communication at home. The MTN at Home plans constitute a high quality and reliable choice that does not limit the communication needs of a family at home, giving all consumers fast internet speeds through the upgraded MTN network, as well as unlimited fixed telephony at home, starting from only €29 per month.

The MTN at Home plans offer unlimited internet access at home with download speeds starting from 8 Mbps and reach up to 51 Mbps and upload speeds from 768 Kbps to 2048 kbps.

Additionally, MTN at Home plans offer unlimited calls to all fixed telephony lines all over Cyprus and to all MTN mobile subscribers as well. In addition to the fixed broadband services, MTN offers free digital services such as call forwarding, call waiting, Caller ID, voicemail, free hardware installation by MTN’s specialised staff, free e-mail and free anti-virus system.

Thousands of households have already trusted MTN for their communication at home. To connect with an MTN at Home plan now, visit any MTN Store or a selected associate's store, or contact the MTN Telesales Department at 800 10 800.