More than 5000 consumers responded. Extension of MTN’s offer ‘‘50% discount on monthly fee’’ until the 31st of July

Posted on: July 5, 2013

The public’s response to the biggest offer ever launched by a telecommunications provider in Cyprus was impressive and the offer will continue until the end of the month: MTN extends its offer of 50% discount on the monthly fee of every new subscriber, who transfers his number to any of the MTN PayMonthly plans, until the 31st of July.


Nicosia, July 9, 2013 – More than 5.000 consumers transferred their number to MTN PayMonthly and are now enjoying 50% discount on their invoice, proving that MTN identifies their needs and responds to them effectively, with flexible low cost solutions.

MTN gives its new port-in subscribers the chance to save 50% on their monthly fee for 18 months and enjoy all the benefits offered by the MTN PayMonthly plans. Customers can save up to €29.50 euro per month, bringing the total savings in the course of their 18 month contract of up to €531.

All it takes for someone to transfer their number to MTN, is to visit any of the 20 MTN Stores or MTN’s distribution channels, with their identification card and last billing statement.

MTN always gives more: It continues to provide affordable solutions, which help consumers satisfy their telecommunications needs. Always with the lowest charges, the finest services and with 3G+ data speeds using the most advanced network.