Memorandum of Understanding between MTN and University of Cyprus for the development of innovative telecommunications products

Posted on: March 12, 2014

A three-year Memorandum of Understanding was signed by MTN and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus, at a press conference held at the Council building "Anastasios Leventis" of the University.

The MoU will provide opportunities for joint activities concerning student internships, additional training, preparation of dissertations, research, development and innovation, and it will also be expanded in other areas of mutual interest. The partnership also includes provision for joint participations in research programs on mobile systems, applications, and infrastructure.

 Specifically, the following common actions have already been scheduled:

  • Joint participation of MTN and the Department of Computer Science and submission of proposals at three national, European and transnational programs through coordinated networking and promoting actions.


  • Cooperation on management of Big Data at the MTN Data Center, a key subject in the IT and telecommunications industry for the following years.


  • Promotion of innovative applications to MTN subscribers in Cyprus and other countries where MTN operates, in compliance with MTN Group’s policy for using Cyprus as a platform for technological knowhow sharing towards the rest of the MTN Group OpCos.


MTN will support financially the Data Management Systems Laboratory of the Computer Science Department, which is managed by the assistant professor Mr Dimitris Zeinalipour, with the amount of €5,000 per year. MTN will also be the exclusive mobile internet service provider of the laboratory.


The MoU was signed by the Head of Department, Professor Marios D. Dikaiakos, and the CEO of MTN, Mr. Philip Van Dalsen. The event attended members of the academic community of the University, including Professor Marios Mavronikolas, Vice-Rector of International Relations, Finance and Administration, and Dr. Gregory Makrides, Head of Research and International Relations.


The CEO of MTN, Philip Van Dalsen commented: "We recognize the important research work that the University of Cyprus has produced over the last years in the field of Information Technology and we aim to achieve the highest possible level of cooperation. The convergence of IT and telecommunications is essential for the development of advanced products and services in the competitive environment of the market.


At the same time, we want this cooperation to become the opportunity for a creative approach between the research and the business world, which will position Cyprus at the forefront of technology evolution, and thus contribute, to a development process that will encourage innovation and employment opportunities in the country".


Professor Marios Dikaiakos expressed his delight for the signing of the agreement, noting that, "the agreement strengthens the Industrial Partners program of the Department of Computer Science and creates important perspectives for new synergies between the university and the industry, through which significant opportunities arise in regards to education, research and the promotion of Cyprus’ innovative ecosystem in Technologies of Information and Communication."



MTN invests in the potential of Cyprus’ academic research and technology and promotes the development of indigenous innovative technology solutions.