Helena Paparizou - New Single

Posted on: February 8, 2016

Paparizou - single (akazoo)

Οnce again, MTN is providing a unique entertainment experience to its subscribers. ALL the users of akazoo, the music service by MTN that offers more than 20
million Greek and foreign songs, have the opportunity to listen FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY, from the 8th until the 14th of February, the brand new hit single by Elena Paparizou “Misi Kardia” that is officially unveiled on the 15 of February.

The users of the akazoo music library, the first music streaming service in Cyprus provided by MTN, can enjoy for free, with exceptional sound quality and without any ads the new hit single of Elena Paparizou, through any device, whether they are connected to the super-fast speeds of MTN4G or even offline.

MTN, through the innovative app “akazoo”, delivers only to its subscribers the opportunity to listen the music they wish on their tablet, mobile device and PC and also creating their own playlist with their favorite songs to enjoy through akazoo app.

Akazoo adds to the endless hours of music enjoyment for MTN subscribers with the song “Misi Kardia” by Elena Paparizou. Now everyone can download akazoo FOR FREE on their mobile device just by clicking on this link http://mtn.akazoo.com.

MTN always gives you more, with akazoo you get a music experience any place any time.