Enter the new, upgraded MTN site, mtn.com.cy, and learn everything at a click!

Posted on: August 9, 2012



The new, upgraded website of MTN is live and ready to look after your every need on mobile communications, fixed telephony and internet. The new website, mtn.com.cy, is simple in appearance, rich in information, friendly to use and has been built from scratch according to the latest developments of online media:

It's simple: Everything is clear and easily understood. The site offers easy navigation and information retrieving, so users can quickly find what they are looking for, whether it is answers, instructions, promotions or discounts.

It’s content rich: It contains all the information a subscriber or anyone interested in learning more about MTN might like, from services to current promotions. Included are all our offers to existing and new subscribers. Individuals and corporate customers are guided to separate sections that meet their specific demands. The site supports Greek, English and soon Russian. Finally, through the site the user can find the nearest MTNStore or contact MTN.

It is user-friendly: The new interface and new menus are specially designed to provide enhanced online experience. The new structure allows access to the desired page with a few clicks. The new site is interactive and each subscriber can even check his/her account via the portal MyMTN.

MTN offers always more online: Enter mtn.com.cy, surf the new site and learn all about MTN, its services and special offers!