Receive your monthly invoice via e-mail!

Posted on: October 10, 2013

At MTN, we commit to always give more to our subscribers, the society and the environment we operate in. Having as our top priority the high quality of our customers’ service and experience as well as the protection of the environment, we adopt practical and modern methods that comply with our commitment. 

Therefore, we introduce an innovative, environmentally friendly and convenient way of monthly invoicing. As of December 2013 (for November’s invoice), you will be able to receive your invoice via e-mail with no charge. By choosing to receive your monthly invoice via e-mail you help us save tons of paper and you contribute to the protection of our environment.

In order to start receiving your monthly invoice via e-mail, simply provide us with your e-mail address:

  • by calling the MTN Call Center at 136, or
  • by visiting your nearest MTN Store

If you prefer to continue receiving your monthly invoice via post, then no action is needed from your side.
Please note that as of December 2013 (for November’s invoice) an administration fee of €1.00 (incl. VAT) will be applied to receive your monthly invoice via post.

Provide us with your e-mail address and start receiving you invoice via e-mail!