Cyprus Startup Movement grows with Open Coffee Cyprus and the support of MTN

Posted on: April 30, 2014

Open Coffee Cyprus, the popular networking platform for the startup business and technology community of Cyprus, takes place tomorrow, April 23rd, with the support of MTN! Startup entrepreneurship meets, networks and welcomes Pioneers Festival, Lean Startup Machine and the Cyprus Startups at the stage of Melina Merkouri Hall, Famagusta Gate, at 18.00.

Open Coffee Cyprus’ topic is “The Startup Movement is Growing”.


Andreas Tschas

Andreas Tschas, Co-founder of the Pioneers Festival, at the Open Coffee Cyprus stage. Pioneers Festival takes place every year at the Palace of Vienna with more than 2.500 participants. It constitutes one of the largest startup events in Europe. Young businessmen return from the event with valuable knowledge, experiences, tips and investor contacts, taking the next step in their startups.

Desi Saran

Eric Ries turned his international best-seller The Lean Startup into a world-wide movement of young, pioneer businessmen whose aim is to change the way enterprises and products are created.  Desi Saran, from the core Lean Startup Machine team, presents the first LSM application in Cyprus at the Open Coffee Cyprus.

CY Startup Movement

Funifi, TeachnGo, Socialicious, Ubinec, Tellalis DIYful, Viridom, Social Airways, Heart Cyprus: Cyprus startups that traveled abroad and returned with their luggage full of experiences and valuable ideas on how to help the Cyprus Startup Movement grow!

MTN always supports Open Coffee Cyprus and was the first to believe in the huge potential of young Cypriot businessmen. It supported a series of initiatives for the technology community and youth entrepreneurship with platforms, such as Open Coffee Cyprus, STARTup LiVE Cyprus, the first Pan-European three-day event for the training of young businessmen and Startup Weekend Cyprus, the largest international event showcasing startup entrepreneurship in Cyprus.

MTN always gives you more, by paving the way to the digital era for the youth of Cyprus.