21 Days of Y’ello Care 2017

Posted on: June 27, 2017

21 Days of Y'ello Care, the annual MTN volunteer program, has been successfully completed! The Company's employees created within 21 days of volunteer work, Y'ello Digital Rooms in Youth Clubs and informed the public about the proper and safe use of internet and technology.

MTN, having as a project theme this year the right to digital education for all, has created, in cooperation with the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization, five Y’ello Digital Rooms in Youth Clubs, so that the young people of the nearby areas can have access to technology. In specific, MTN has created Y'ello Digital Rooms at Sotira village in Famagusta, at Lefkara village in Larnaca, at Alassa village in Limassol, and at Agious Trimithias and Agious Omologites in Nicosia. Each Y'ello Digital Room was painted, furnished and equipped with laptops, tablets and all the necessary accessories for the devices. Useful applications and programs have been installed on the devices to ensure that the devices will serve the needs of any user, and the devices were also connected to local security systems.

At the same time, MTN volunteers also acted towards educating people about the proper and safe use of internet and technology, by: 

  • Organizing educational gatherings at the Youth Clubs, during which the MTN employees informed parents and young people about internet safety, cyberbullying, and the benefits of using the internet and technology properly. 
  • Distributing the “Smart Surfer Rules”, the informative leaflet created by MTN, that includes important rules teenagers need to follow while surfing the internet, in order to be safe and protected against the dangers and other challenges deriving from the use of the internet. 
  • Running a campaign through the Company’s Social Media Networks, with tips for the proper use of technology and internet safety.

The 21 Days of Y'ello Care Volunteer Program is an MTN Group initiative held in all countries where MTN operates, from the 1st to the 21st of June. In Cyprus, it is organised for the 10th consecutive year. During all these years MTN provided substantial help and support to organizations and other community groups.