14,000 consumers connected with MTN over the

Posted on: January 21, 2014

A record number of consumers connected with MTN over the Christmas period on account of the very attractive offer provided by the company. Specifically, 14,000 consumers connected with MTN contracts between November 15th 2013 and January 15th 2014 of which over 10,000 switched from another provider, choosing MTN to be their trusted telecommunications provider.

This impressive number is proof of the public’s trust and appreciation in MTN’s commitment to always give more. All across Cyprus, consumers visited MTN Stores and MTN distributor stores in numbers to get informed and connect with the MTN PayMonthly plans. 

More and more consumers are placing their trust in MTN for all their communication needs, since the provider is responding to their needs by always giving more: the most technologically advanced network, unique benefits, and the best offers in the market.