10,000 euros by MTN’s "Oh Yellow Trees!" for the reforestation of Solea area.

Posted on: January 16, 2017

MTN's Christmas game "Oh Yellow Trees!" came to a close with 10.000 participations. Each participation to the game was sponsored by MTN with the amount of €1 that would be used to cover the costs of the reforestation of the area of Solea which was adversely affected by the disastrous fires that occurred last summer. Final result was to receive 10,000 participations, bringing the total amount MTN is contributing to the reforestation of the affected area to €10.000.  

The game "Oh Yellow Trees!" was created by MTN in its page on Facebook, where visitors had the opportunity to play and contribute at the same time to MTN’s effort to support the reforestation of the specific area destroyed by fires. The game was online for the whole December and a huge success with the Facebook community as people played and shared the game throughout that period.

As an active corporate citizen, MTN undertakes a series of social, environmental and philanthropic activities, repaying the trust of its 400.000 subscribers and supporting social cohesion.

MTN always gives you more. By creating a game that successfully reached 10,000 participations, MTN contributes to the restoration and conservation of our country's natural wealth, offering 10.000 euros towards the reforestation of the area of Solea.