MTN e-Invoice

Start receiving your monthly invoice by e-mail!

In the effort to promote environmental awareness, MTN encourages the reduction of paper usage. Support MTN’s effort to reduce paper usage and protect the environment by activating the MTN e-invoice service, and start receiving your invoice by e-mail with no charge. The monthly charge as of 01/04/2019 for mailing printed invoices changes from €0.50 to €0.99 (inc. VAT).
With MTN e-Invoice your bill will be delivered straight to your e-mail. No more paper, delay or fuss!

MTN e-invoice:

  • helps to protect the environment as paper is no longer used
  • is free of charge
  • saves you time and storage space as there is no longer a need for archiving
  • is easily accessible from your e-mail
  • gives you the ease of fast online payment, by clicking the link povided in the e-mail!


To activate you MTN e-Invoice:

Contact the MTN Call Center at 136 or 

visit an MTN Store or 

fill the below form: 


The above form does not apply for MTN Business subscribers. If you are an MTN Business subscriber and wish to receive your monthly invoices via email, click HERE.

Important: Irrespectively of the way you will choose to submit your e-mail address to MTN, it is essential to verify your email address. MTN will send you an email, asking you to verify that the specific email address is correct. Do not forget to check your “junk” folder.

MTN invoice through post.

If you prefer to continue receiving you monthly invoice through post then no action from you is required. 

The monthly administration fee for monthly invoices sent through post is €0.99 (incl. V.A.T.) and is applied from March bills 2019 onwards.

MTN announces the above as its obligation under Article 69 of Law 112 (I)/2004 (20/2/2019). In the event that any Subscriber does not accept any amendment, he is entitled to terminate the Agreement without any penalty (with the exception of which remaining instalments for the purchase of termination equipment that are immediately payable in the event of termination) within thirty (30) days from the date of this announcement, with written notice to MTN stating that the reason for the termination is the non-acceptance of the amendment.

There will be no change to the itemized monthly invoices. You will continue receiving it through post and the charge remains at €1.19/month.

Provide us with your e-mail address now and start receiving your invoice via e-mail, for free!