Contract Renewal

Renew your MTN Contract!

With every MTN PayMonthly, ΜΤΝ Up2U or MTN mobile telephony plan contract renewal you have the opportunity to choose from the following:

  • Discount on invoice or
  • Discount on any device bought from an MTN Store or on selected devices from an associate's store. You can combine the discount on device you will receive with the MTN Reward points you already collected and maximize your benefit
  • Device with monthly instalments


  • Discount on device
  • Discount on monthly fee
  • Device with monthly installments

    MTN Contract Plans Discount
    MTN Up2U 20 €36
    MTN Up2U 30 €48
    MTN Up2U 10+ €20
    MTN Small €56
    MTN Medium €80
    MTN Unlimited 1 €152
    MTN Unlimited 3 €200
    MTN Unlimited 6 €252
    MTN Unlimited 10 €300


    Find out when your contract expires and renew it to get your new mobile phone, laptop, tablet or any other product from the MTN Stores or the selected distributors’ shops, at a discounted price or even for FREE!


    Discount on monthly fee for 18 months
    Plan  Monthly Fee Monthly Fee with Discount 
    MTN Up2U 10+ €10.00 €8.33
    MTN Up2U 20 €20.00 €18.06
    MTN Up2U 30 €30.00 €27.28
    Discount on monthly fee for 24 months
    Plan  Monthly Fee Monthly Fee after the Discount 
    MTN Small €15.00 €9.90
    MTN Medium €22.00 €13.50
    MTN Unlimited 1 €40.00 €24.90
    MTN Unlimited 3 €51.00 €29.90
    MTN Unlimited 6 €71.00 €33.90
    MTN Unlimited 10 €79.90 €39.90




  • Existing MTN subscribers who wish to renew their contract with discount on monthly fee, can also get the mobile phone, tablet or laptop of their choice with monthly instalments. As described in the table below, with an MTN Up2U contract renewal, they have the opportunity to get their new device with 18 monthly instalments, whereas with an MTN 4G Smart renewal with 6-24 monthly installments.


    Maximum Installment Amount

    Up2U 10+ €90 18 months
    Up2U 20 €90 18 months
    Up2U 30 €180 18 months

    MTN Small


    6-24 months

    MTN Medium


    6-24 months

    MTN Unlimited 1


    6-24 months

    MTN Unlimited 3


    6-24 months
    MTN Unlimited 6 €816 6-24 months
    MTN Unlimited 10 €1200 6-24 months


    * For MTN mobile telephony plans subscribers to purchase a device until 3/6/2015, a 24 month instalments scheme was applied by default.



    Terms & Conditions of Monthly Installments  


    1.     Applies only for Contract Renewals with 24 months MTN mobile telephony

    and 18 months Up2U contracts.

    2.     Monthly instalments are valid only for Contract Renewals with discount on monthly fee.

    3.     The subscriber has the choice to purchase the mobile handset on monthly instalments provided that he/she accepts to use the Direct Debit for the settlement of the monthly bill.

    4.     Monthly instalments may vary depending on the plan chosen by MTN Smart subscriber, must cover the retail price of the handset in whole and/or in part and the installments duration could be from 6 to 24 months. The installments duration cannot exceed the remaining months until the expiration of the contract.

    5.     In the event of contract termination prior to the minimum contract period, the subscriber must settle the amount of the remaining monthly instalments.



Visit MTN Rewards page and find out more about the MTN Rewards Loyalty Scheme.

Terms & Conditions  


  • The offer is valid for existing on MTN mobile telephony and MTN Up2U subscribers whose contract period has expired and:

     o Their line was not suspended more than twice during the 18month contract period

     o  The total amount paid by the subscriber during the 18month contract period was more than €250

  • In the event that the subscriber chooses to terminate the contract prior to the minimum contract period, cancellation fees will apply.
  • The Subscribers cannot benefit from the additional discount of MTN Mobile Internet service.
  • The discount on invoice that subscribers are benefit from is determined by the minimum period of the subscription contract. If the Customer wishes to disconnect from MTN’s network prior to the expiration of the Minimum Period, the Customer shall pay the amount of €27 as Administration Termination Fee and shall be required to settle all outstanding charges and fees until the disconnection of the line.
  • The present terms and conditions apply supplementary to the terms and conditions of the subscription contract.