This Christmas connect with any MTN mobile telephony plan and get the smartphone of your choice with 20% discount.

Transfer your number to an MTN mobile telephony plan to enjoy up to unlimited minutes of airtime, SMS and up to 6GB mobile internet, together with the smartphone of your choice.

ALL under one low monthly fee.

 Have a look at some of our offers:

Huawei Mate 20 Pro EngNote9 Eng
Huawei Mate 20 Lite EngGalaxy A7 En
iPhone Xs EngiPhone Xs Max Eng

The offers are availabe at MTN Stores, Stephanis and at selected associates' stores.


Terms & Conditions
  1. The Christmas Discount Offer on Device (hereinafter the "Offer") is valid only for new subscribers who transfer their number to any MTN Mobile Plan for a minimum subscription period of 24 months and for existing subscribers with contract renewal at MTN Mobile Unlimited 3 Plan and MTN Mobile Unlimited 6 Plan, for a minimum subscription period of 24 months only.
  2. The duration of the Offer is from the 19th November 2018 to 5th January 2019 (hereinafter as the "Offer Period").
  3. The subscribers may benefit from this Discount Offer, as well as from any discount to their monthly fee, if they meet the necessary offer criteria.
  4. The discount on the handset will be fixed at 20% irrespective of the handset or the MTN Mobile Plan which the subscriber chooses.
  5. The total discount on the handset may not exceed the amount of three hundred and sixty euros (€360).
  6.  New and existing subscribers who will benefit from this Offer will not be able to downgrade their plans until the end of the 24-month contract.
  7.  The discount on the handset will apply to all devices that will be available during the Offer Period and/or until stock last.
  8.  If this Offer is combined with the purchase of a 2nd handset with monthly instalments, the discount on the handset will only be applied to the first handset selected by the subscriber.
  9. The purchase of any handset with monthly instalments requires that the subscriber accepts the settlement of his monthly bill via Standing Order (Direct Debit).
  10. This Offer does not apply to the transfer of a prepaid telephone number.
  11.  These terms and conditions apply in combination and/or in addition to the terms and conditions for the purchase of a new device with monthly instalments as well as with the terms and conditions of the subscription contract.
  12.  MTN Cyprus Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Offer.