MTN CallBack

You urgently need to call someone but you have run out of airtime? If you are an MTN PayAsYouGo subscriber, then with the MTN CallBack service you can notify that person for FREE and ask him to call you back!

What is ΜΤΝ CallBack service?
MTN CallBack is the FREE service that gives MTN PayAsYouGo subscriber the opportunity notify a person to call them back, when his/her remaining balance is less than €0.17. You can send a FREE request for a call back to anyone from your contact list, nomatter if he is an MTN subscriber or not, if he is in Cyprus or abroad.

What you need to do:
In order to send a call back request to the person you want to talk with, dial *100*, the phone number of the person that you want to call you back and #. Then press “CALL”.

Example: *100*9XXXXXXX# CALL

The recipient will receive an SMS informing them to call you.
You can use the MTN CallBack service up to 5 times a day.

As simple as that, MTN gives you flexibility to always be able to communicate, even if you are out of airtime!


Terms & Conditions
  • The sender is able to use the MTN CallBack service only when his/her account balance is below €0.17
  • MTN CallBack service is not available for deactivated lines
  • MTN CallBack service has a usage limitation of 5 call back requests per day
  • Remaining Count of MTN CallBack attempts does not carry forward to the next day
  • To reach an international recipient, the subscriber needs to use the international area code prefix, e.g. for Greece *100*0030XXXXXXXXXX#