MTN TriplePlay for existing mobile subscribers

Add Fixed & Internet for a complete and reliable communication with a lower monthly fee! 

As an existing ΜΤΝ subscriber, you can easily create your own MTN TriplePlay, by adding an MTN Unlimited Telephony & Internet plan to your mobile telephony line!

By choosing ΜΤΝ TriplePlay you enjoy:

  • UP TO 25% DISCOUNT ON the MTN Unlimited Telephony & Internet plan of your choice
  • UNLIMITED CALLS FROM YOUR FIXED LINE to ALL fixed telephony networks
  • UNLIMITED CALLS FROM YOUR FIXED LINE to ALL ΜΤΝ mobile telephony subscribers
  • UNLIMITED AND FAST INTERNET ACCESS at home or at the office

AND you still and enjoy all the benefits of your mobile telephony line! 

The available MTN fixed and internet plans are:


•    All prices include a discount of up to 25%
•    All prices include V.A.T
•    A fee for the installation of LLU / Sub loop may apply when you port-in your fixed telephony number. Visit the nearest ΜΤΝ Store or contact the MTN Call Center at 136 to check the service availability in your area.

All MTN Unlimited Telephony & Internet plans include:
•    1 phone number and the option of keeping your existing number
•    Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Return
•    Spam Filter
•    E-mail Antivirus system


If your contract has expired, you can renew it and get:
•    discount on a device or a discount on your mobile telephony monthly fee
•    monthly instalments on a new device

Before renewing your contract, check out the MTN 4G Smart plans, which give you minutes of airtime, SMS and mobile internet in one monthly fee!


Connect now with ΜΤΝ TriplePlay at any MTN Store or contact the MTN Telesales department at 800 10 800.



Terms & Conditions

1.    All prices include V.A.T.
2.    The offer applies to existing ΜΤΝ Fixed subscribers and existing and new MTN PayMonthly subscribers (voice plans only).
3.    Subscribers shall receive a discount on their fixed MTN Unlimited Telephony & Internet monthly fee for as long as the present offer continues to apply.
4.    The offer is valid only with the signing of a new 24month MTN Unlimited Telephony & Internet contract and a 24month MTN PayMonthly contract. Regarding our existing MTN PayMonthly subscribers, the offer is valid upon their registration in the system and shall continue to be valid provided that they will proceed with a 24month renewal of their MTN PayMonthly contract. Our existing fixed telephony subscribers shall proceed with the modification of the provided services without any charges and sign the Modification Service Form for the transfer to any MTN Unlimited Telephony & Internet plan. The present offer shall continue to apply only with the renewals of MTN PayMonthly contract and MTN Unlimited Telephony & Internet contract upon their expiration.
5.    The discount on a device and/or getting a free of charge device, applies only to new MTN PayMonthly subscribers with the signing of a 24months subscription contract and to our existing MTN PayMonthly subscribers only with the renewal of their 24month contract.
6.    The present terms and conditions apply supplementary to the terms and conditions of the ΜΤΝ Unlimited Telephony & Internet plans and MTN PayMonthly subscription contract. Detailed terms and conditions can be found here.