Discount on monthly fee for 24 months if combined with a new MTN at Home plan

As of 15th November 2016, the below discount for contract renewals with a new MTN at Home plans, will no longer be available:

PlanMonthly FeeMonthly Fee after the Discount
MTN 4G Smart Small€15.00€9.50
MTN 4G Smart Medium€22.00€11.90
MTN 4G Smart Large€35.00€21.50
MTN 4G Smart Unlimited€51.00€29.00
MTN 4G Smart Unlimited Plus€71.00


Terms & Conditions:

  • The Offer is available until 15/11/2016 for all the existing mobile subscribers who wish to renew their contract to any MTN 4G Smart Plan S, M, L, Unlimited, for a minimum period of 24 months.
  • Customers who have already benefited discount on their monthly fee for the Plan MTN 4G Smart Unlimited (29euro) will not be able to benefit any additional discount.
  • The Offer is available exclusively to subscribers who are benefited discount on the monthly fee with their contract renewal. The offer is not valid for subscribers who are benefited discount on equipment and / or device.
  • The Offer does not apply for number portability and / or for new subscribers.
  • The Offer applies only in cases where the subscriber chooses to enter a contract with MTN for Fixed Telephony & Internet. However, the discount on the monthly fee will apply only for mobile telephony.
  • In case where the subscriber retains more than one mobile numbers/lines the Offer will be available for only one line.
  • The additional discount of the Offer will be shown on the monthly invoice of mobile telephony the following month upon the activation of the Fixed Telephony & Internet Services at MTN’s network.
  • The additional discount is not retroactive.
  • The additional discount will be calculated according to the customer’s MTN Smart Plan at the time whereas the Fixed Telephony & Internet Services are activated.
  • From the Offer are excluded all the subscribers who have assigned their mobile phone/number rights to any third party at the time where their contract renewal right is in force.
  • The present terms and conditions apply additionally to the terms and conditions of the MTN 4G SMART Plans and to the terms and conditions of the subscription contract signed from the subscriber.
  • The prices include VAT. The VAT is charged on the total amount of the monthly invoice of the Customer's account.


MTN PayMonthly plans 

As of 21/11, MTN PayMonthly plans are not commercially available for contract renewal, neither are the respective discounts featured below:

Discount on Device

MTN PayMonthly 140€35
MTN PayMonthly 350€56
MTN PayMonthly 600€77
MTN PayMonthly 900€98
MTN PayMonthly 1600€154

Discount on Monthly Fee for 18 months

 Monthly FeeMonthly Fee with Discount 
MTN PayMonthly 140€8.40€6.46
MTN PayMonthly 350€16.60€13.49
MTN PayMonthly 600€27.00€22.72
MTN PayMonthly 900€39.50€34.06
MTN PayMonthly 1600€59.50€50.94