Payment Options

Settle your monthly bill fast and easily, wherever you are!

ΜΤΝ always gives you options! Even for the payment of your monthly bill!

Through Direct Debit 
Simply visit an MTN Store to arrange.

Through internet using a credit card 

  • at MTN Pay portal
  • at JCC Smart website
  • though an e-mail from JCC with a link that will direct you to its MTN payments page. In order to receive this e-mail every month, please inform the MTN Call Center at 136 accordingly or visit any MTN Store.

With a phone call using a credit card 

  • to the MTN Collection Department at 96969895
  • to the ΜΤΝ Call Center at 136. Just follow the instructions of the menu.

At commercial banks or through their Electronic Banking Systems* 
Bank of Cyprus, Alpha Bank, COOP, Hellenic Bank, National Bank of Greece, Universal Bank, Emporiki Bank
And of course at all MTN Stores. 


Do you want to receive your monthly bill electronically? 
If you prefer to receive your bill via e-mail instead of through post, simply contact the MTN Call Center at 136 or visit any MTN Store and give us your e-mail.


*Only until the last day of payment which indicated in your monthly bill. Administration fees will apply.