PAL News App

PAL News app.

Now an app has a personality of its own… yours!
What is your type; Powerful, Action or Loveable?
Download the PAL News app, the new app by MTN, and choose the profile that matches your personal interests so that you can receive only news from the subjects that interest you the most. 
Through the PAL News app, you will receive live score updates of football games, weather updates, you will enjoy the PAL Gadgets Mania, an in-app TV show with technology related subjects and many more.
And since MTN always gives more to its subscribers, MTN subscribers who will download the app will benefit from exclusive discounts at stores, restaurants and cafeterias all over Cyprus.
Download the PAL News app now so that you will always be up-to-date and enjoy the benefits and premiums that the app has to offer. It is available at iOS and Android app stores and it is free to download and use.
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