MTN International Bundles

Promotional offer: up to 50 minutes international calls for only €3!

MTN International Bundles are available exclusively through ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo promotional activity and they give prepaid subscribers the opportunity to enjoy more international calls, without worrying about the cost.

With MTN International Bundles you get more international calls with lower cost, as they allow you to call mobile and fixed numbers abroad with a predefined standard fee of only €3! Each MTN International Bundle includes specific airtime for calls to selected destinations with 20 days validity, as described in the table below:


Inclusive Airtime  (calls to mobile and fixed numbers)


Calls to Destinations


Validity Period



(incl. VAT)

International Bundle 1

 20 minutes

Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, UK, Germany

 20 days


International Bundle 2

 50 minutes

Bangladesh, India

20 days


International Bundle 3

 30 minutes

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam

 20 days


To subscribe to the MTN International Bundle service, send SMS with the International Bundle of your preference, for example “Bundle 2” to 8055. You can subscribe to International Bundle, as often as you want, by repeating the above procedure and sending a new SMS. 




Terms & Conditions


1.       The International Bundles service (the “Service”) applies to prepaid MTN PayAsYouGo Subscribers. This offer is available only through MTN Cyprus Ltd’s promotional activities.

2.       The fee for the Service is €3 (including VAT) and the Subscribers will have the provided available airtime to the specific destinations as described in table below:


Available Airtime


Bundle 1


Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, UK and Germany

Bundle 2


Bangladesh and India

Bundle 3


Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam


3.       The inclusive airtime can be used for calls either mobile lines or landlines.

4.       It is required that the minimum balance of Subscriber’s account should be the equivalent fee of the International Bundles service, in order for the Subscribers to be able to activate/renew their subscription.

5.       Every subscription to the Service shall be valid for 20 days from activation date.

6.       Subscribers shall be able to renew their subscription to the Service at any time and as many times they wish.

7.       The available airtime can be used only in Cyprus and it cannot be transferred to any other MTN PayAsYouGo account.

8.       The available airtime of this Service will have priority.

9.       MTN reserves the right to terminate / modify the Service anytime.

10.   All other terms and conditions of the MTN PayAsYouGo connection pack will apply.