MTN BringAFriend

Bring a friend to ΜΤΝ and talk to each other for FREE, with ΜΤΝ BringAFriend!

Are you talking a lot on the phone with a non-MTN subscriber? Suggest to him to transfer his line to MTN and with the MTN BringAFriend offer, you will be talking for FREE for a whole year! 

Select the person you want to talk with for FREE and inform him about the ΜΤΝ BringAFriend offer. When he visits any ΜΤΝ Store to transfer his line to ΜΤΝ PayMonthly or ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo, he will just need to mention your phone number. When his line is activated then you will be talking to each other for FREE for a whole year!


Terms and Conditions
  1. The offer is valid from 23 September 2013 until 1 June 2016 for the existing MTN PayMonthly and MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers.
  2. Existing subscribers are given the opportunity to suggest to a friend to transfer his/her number to any 18 month MTN PayMonthly plan or a prepaid MTN PayAsYouGo line and benefit both from unlimited talk time minutes between them.
  3. The unlimited talk time between the two lines will be valid for calls within Cyprus for one year from the date of activation of the new line.
  4. In case of termination of one of the two lines, the offer will be no longer valid.
  5. By activating this offer, subscribers cannot benefit from the MTN Friends service.
  6. The present terms and conditions apply supplementary to the terms and conditions of the MTN PayMonthly subscription contract and the prepaid MTN PayAsYouGo.
  7. Fair usage policy applies.