University and College students need internet that suits them! Internet that is fast, unlimited and doesn't require a fixed line.

MTN knows what you need and gives you the ideal solution: the MTN 4G Broadband in a Box! 

MTN 4G Broadband in a Box offers you Wi-Fi internet at home with superfast 4G speeds, without a fixed line or time consuming installation procedures. All you need to do is to plug it in!

Make your life easier! Connect now and get 15% discount on monthly fee AND discount on device!




Maximum Download/Upload speeds


Monthly fee



Cost of device



MTN Broadband in a Box Medium12Mbps/2Mbps

€29  €24.65

€139  €85


MTN Broadband in a Box Large


€35  €29.75

€139  €50


MTN Broadband in a Box XLarge


€45  €38.25

€139  €20



The offer is valid for connections to 12month contracts.

Connect now at any MTN Store or a selected associate's store, or call us at 800 10 800! 

Terms & Conditions
  • The ΜΤΝ Broadband in a Box student offer is valid as from 4th of September 2017 till the 31st of October 2017.
  • The offer is valid only for students who sign up for a 12 months MTN broadband in a Box contract and does not apply to a 24-months contract.
  • The offer is available only when presenting a valid student ID.
  • All terms and conditions of the MTN Broadband in a Βox service apply.