This Christmas, the best smartphones are at MTN!

For 9 months now, MTN  subscribers are enjoying the superfast speeds of the MTN 4G network, with coverage in all cities of Cyprus and we are celebrating it with an amazing offer.

New subscribers who will transfer their number and our existing subscribers who will renew their contracts to an MTN 4G Smart plan, will enjoy a discount on their monthly fee for 24 whole months and at the same time will be able to get the device of their choice NOW and start repaying it on May

Connect now with the MTN 4G Smart plan of your choice to enjoy up to unlimited minutes & SMS and up to 6MB mobile internet to surf in MTN 4G speeds from the new device you will get now, on monthly instalments that will start in May!


Terms and Conditions
  1. The Offer will be valid from the 12th of November 2015 until the 15th of January 2016.
  2. The Offer applies to all subscribers who port in their number, renew their subscription contract and ΜΤΝ Prepaid subscribers (if they meet the specific criteria set out in point 7) at MTN Smart 24-month contract and a discount on the monthly fee by selecting the device in monthly instalments.
  3. The total monthly fee may vary depending on the connection (number transfer, renewal or prepaid telephone number). Check the discounts per type of connections for new MTN subscribers HERE and for Contract Renewal HERE.
  4. The subscriber may choose to purchase the device in monthly instalments if he/she accepts the payment of his/her monthly bill via Bank Direct Debit Mandate.
  5. The monthly payments may differ depending on the MTN Smart plan selected by the subscriber, and must cover the full and / or partial the retail price of the device.
  6. In case of early termination of the contract (before expiry of the minimum period) or before payment of the last monthly instalment, the subscriber will have to pay off the amount of the remaining monthly instalments.
  7. In order for the subscribers of prepaid telephony to get benefited from the offer(s), they should meet all of the following criteria:
    • Should be active at least for the last 6 months as a prepaid subscribers.
    • Should have used their prepaid line during the last month.
    • Should have a consumption of €15 average for the last 3 calendar months (more or equal to €45 consumption in total for the last 3 months).
    • Should have an active prepaid line at the time transferring their number.
  8. In case the subscriber chooses the payment of the first monthly instalment to commence in May 2016:
    • The subscriber may choose, for the repayment of the device, from 6 to 24 monthly instalments.
    • Depending on the period for the instalments repayment, chosen by the subscriber, the minimum period of subscription contract may vary according to the last payable instalment fee.
    • If the subscriber wants renewal of the subscription contract after the expiry of the minimum period but while monthly instalments are pending, the subscriber can renew without the right to get benefited for  an another device on monthly instalments. The subscriber will be eligible to receive additional monthly instalments only if he/she pays off the entire remaining amount of the existing monthly instalments.
  9. The present terms and conditions apply in addition to the terms and conditions of the offers (offers for instalment scheme and/or further discounts on their invoice).
  10. The present terms and conditions apply supplementary to the general terms and conditions of the subscription contract.