MTN 4G Unlimited with FREE Fixed & Internet


At MTN we say more, and we mean it!

Transfer your number now to an MTN 4G Smart mobile telephony plan and enjoy FREE Fixed Telephony and 4 Mbps Internet at home, for up to 2 years!
The offer is also available to existing MTN subscribers who will renew their contract to an MTN 4G Smart plan.

Choose an MTN 4G Smart plan:

Plan Inclusive Monthly Fee FREE Fixed Telephony and 4Mbps Internet
MTN 4G Smart Small 150 airtime minutes
150 SMS
150ΜΒ Mobile Internet
€15.00 7 months
MTN 4G Smart Medium 350 airtime minutes
350 SMS
350ΜΒ Mobile Internet
€22.00 10 months
MTN 4G Smart Large 700 airtime minutes
Unlimited SMS
700ΜΒ Mobile Internet
€35.00 16 months
MTN 4G Smart Unlimited Unlimited airtime minutes
Unlimited SMS
2GB Mobile Internet

18 months
MTN 4G Smart Unlimited Plus Unlimited airtime minutes
Unlimited SMS
6GB Mobile Internet
€71.00 24 months

For more information regarding the MTN 4G Smart plans click HERE.

The Fixed Telephony & Internet plan that is offered for FREE includes:

  • Unlimited calls το ALL fixed telephony lines
  • Unlimited calls to ALL MTN mobile telephony subscribers
  • Unlimited Internet 4Mbps

For subscribers to MTN 4G Smart Unlimited Plus, the installation cost is FREE of charge.

For more information regarding the Fixed Telephony and Internet plans, click HERE.

The subscriber has the option of upgrading the Fixed Telephony & Internet plan for higher download speeds, and will only be charged with a minimum monthly fee.

 Download SpeedsMonthly Fee

All the above charges will apply during the FREE period, depending on the mobile telephony plan you have chosen. After the free period, the MTN TriplePlay monthly fees will apply. For the MTN TriplePlay monthly fees, click HERE.

Connect now at any MTN Store or at a MTN distributor’s store.


Terms & Conditions
  1. The offer valid from 9 October until 15 November 2015.
  2. The offer applies only for “new fixed telephony and internet” subscribers who have ported in their mobile line (contract or prepaid) to any MTN 4G Smart plan for 24month contract period and for existing MTN subscribers upon their contract renewal to a 24month ΜTN 4G Smart plan contract.
  3. The offer also applies for MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers who port in to a 24month MTN 4G Smart plan contract and satisfy the below criteria:
    • Their line should be active, at least, for the last 6 months as prepaid subscribers
    • Should have used their prepaid line during the last month
    • Should have a consumption of average €15 for the last 3 calendar months (more or equal to €45 consumption in total for the last 3 months)
    • Should have an active prepaid line at the time they port in their number
  4. The offer can be combined with a device on monthly instalments if the subscriber satisfies the terms and conditions of the instalments scheme. More information here.
  5. In case of termination of the contract before the expiry of the minimum period of 24 months, the subscriber shall pay cancellation fees. The cancellation fees are calculated based on the total discount amount of the plan selected, accordingly, and are prorated for the remaining months.
  6. Change of the Fixed or Mobile Services is not allowed within the 24months contract period.
  7. The free monthly fees refer only to the Service MTN Unlimited Telephony & Internet 4. If another Service is selected, then the difference of the monthly fees will be calculated and charged accordingly.
  8. Upon the expiry of the free period, the discount of Triple Play will continue to be offered if both services (MTN Unlimited Telephony & Internet and ΜTN 4G Smart plan) are still active.
  9. The date of mobile and fixed activation may differ.
  10. The present terms and conditions apply in addition to the terms and conditions of the subscription contract and MTN Unlimited Telephony & Internet Service.